Used catalysts

Savings from 35 to 50% compared to new products

EBINGER has a big stock of used honeycombs and plate-type catalysts from various manufacturers at its disposal. It is very intact material which can be adapted to the technical requirements of the customer’s catalyst after our careful ultrasonic regeneration.

This adaptation takes place during the regeneration process in our plant, both with respect to the requested activity and conversion rate as well as with regard to the design-related properties of the respective customer’s DeNOx plant.

According to the experience gained from ultrasonic regeneration and the reuse of tens of thousands of cubic meters of DeNOx catalyst material, the inactivation behavior of ultrasound-regenerated used catalysts corresponds exactly to that of new catalysts.

The savings made by working with used catalysts compared to buying new material is between 35 to 50%.

You can immediately find out by telephone whether we have material which is suitable for you in stock or whether we can procure it for you. We can give you expert advice if you are planning converting from honeycombs to plate-type catalysts or vice versa and will gladly make test material available to you.