Our Service

From disassembly or assembly, to transport, to storage

Dismantling / Re-installing

In addition, we are ready to offer dismantling and re-installing of your catalysts. Particularly in case of regenerations which take place during shutdown, a complete service for our customers can be very profitable as all deadlines must be exactly scheduled to fit with one another.


We have a storage capacity of several thousand square metres available. This is partly used for the temporary storage of current orders. Moreover, we are pleased to offer our customers storage space, for example, as reserve storage, at a reasonable rate. This means potential high storage costs can be saved.


Moreover, in Europe we can always offer transportation of the catalysts from the client to our plant and back after regeneration.

Since the founding of our company, we have been working with a partner who has extensive experience in dealing with the often sensitive goods. Transportation is always undertaken by using air-suspended vehicles and skilled personnel. We also have experience with sea transports. For example, the logistical processing for the regeneration of catalysts from the Finnish Meri-Pori (200 m³) did not cause any problems and was carried out on schedule during a three-week shutdown.