Regeneration / Procedure

Step by step: From taking the test sample up to the large-scale regeneration of your catalysts

  • Stept 1: Sample taking

    Let us know when a sample can be taken from the SCR reactor. We will gladly do this for you.

  • Step 2: Analysis

    Why is the catalyst no longer active? By an analysis of the catalyst sample we get a general overview about the chemical condition of the catalytyst.

  • Step 3: Diagnosis

    By evaluation of the chemical analysis we find out the cause of the inactivation and determine the necessary regenerations steps.

  • Step 4: Test Regeneration / Measurement

    Regenerations are executed under laboratory conditions to determine the ideal regeneration procedure. Activity (k) and SO2/SO3 conversion rate will be measured after this in the bench scale.

  • Guarantees

    The results of the test regeneration are the basis for the guarantee values, which are part of a regeneration offer.